All S. JOON bags are made with high quality Italian materials. 

Vegetable tanned leather is a material that requires a little foreknowledge. This is an elegant leather that is completely natural with no synthetic top finishes. That means that each skin is unique and so tonal variations, markings and striations are natural features and not considered defects. Colour variation is also normal as our leather is dyed using natural tannins found in tree bark, wood and other natural sources. Variations between the natural leather hides may also affect the colour. Whilst we try to be as accurate as possible with our descriptions, please bear this is mind and enjoy your bags uniqueness.

Vegetable tanned leather will not remain pristine. Scratches will occur, exposure to water will create spots, and with time colour will darken due to sun exposure. This is normal and a sign of quality as the leather ages. The patina will evolve and fade over time to enrich the character of your product.

Whilst we recommend avoiding the rain, if your bag is exposed to water, dab away any excess water gently with a clean cloth and leave to dry naturally. Never use artificial heat to dry your bag.

Care should also be taken with our lighter colour ways as they tend to mark more easily. They are also more susceptible to colour transfer from dark clothing so it is best to avoid contact where possible.

Don’t overfill your bag as it may lose its shape or you may damage its handles.

When not in use, keep your leather good in the dust bag provided and store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

For more information regarding care and maintenance, please contact your local leather goods specialist. To care for your bag at home you can purchase commercial products from your leather goods specialist to clean and polish your bag.

For any other specific questions regarding care of your product please email