Our Ethos

At S.JOON we strongly believe in the philosophy of “buy better, buy less.” Luxury and quality accessories should be accessible and so we work hard with our factory to produce the most premium pieces at the most attainable cost to you, our customers.

Made to Last

We care about the planet and we believe that everything we produce should have the lowest impact on the environment as possible. Starting with the wearability and durability of each piece; our bags are made to last, to keep and then pass on should you wish.

Our Materials

A focus on the highest grade, lowest impact materials is important to the design process, we only use leathers sourced from Leather Working Group certified suppliers.

All water used throughout the tanning process is purified and re-used for future tannings with any remaining sediments recycled to make products such as fertilisers and cosmetics.

Our Factory

Community and craftsmanship is at the heart of S.Joon. Each bag is handmade in a small artisanal factory based in Veneto, Italy; established as a family business over 30 years ago, the zero emissions factory employs artisans from the local community. Their commitment and respect for the environment and focus on quality is one of the many reasons why we choose to partner with them. We know the team personally, and our Creative Director Sahar Asvandi, travels to Italy seasonally to collaborate with the artisans on new collections.

Our Community

We are proud to be a business based in Leeds in the North of England and continually collaborate with local creatives and students in the community, from Leeds Art University to the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

We see each of our customers as a part of our extended family. We love to see you wearing your bags over time and observing the beautiful patina forming as you continue to wear and love our pieces, so we invite you to continue to share with us.